Let peace become you. Let your heart flower. Let peace be the things you do from your first breath to your last breath. Let peace become your life. Drown yourself in it! Peace calls up beauty like fire. Peace like the sun. Peace that consumes a life and speak in the voice of doves. Peace as your own heaven. Peace that walk together with you. Peace that walk colour blind. Peace that walk with humanity and nothing else. Peace that walk as human and all minds laugh. All hearts flower. All souls sing together. All souls become peace. All souls become beauty.


I heard silence like the market place the voice of a river. I saw the spirit of a singer dancing wild. I heard a voice that unearths a sanctuary within and captured wholeness that became me. An unbroken wholeness like an atom.
My soul was staring at the moon. The morning was bleached. Then a seed became tomorrow and everything was peace. Here is everything.