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AYO AYOOLA-AMALE is a poet, lawyer, peacebuilder, spoken-word artist, public speaker and author. She is a Senior Lecturer at Ghana Technology University, Accra. She was a Senior Lecturer & Head of Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Kings University.

Ayois the Founder and President Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, Ghana and Nigeria and the President of Global Harmony Association-Africa (GHA-Africa) and the Vice-President Global Harmony Association Board (International)

Ayo is the Co-founder and Director of West Africa Poetry Prize and a Member of the Central Advisory Committee Existential Harmony & Interdisciplinary Research Project and World Conference 2014.

She is President, Women International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF, Ghana Chapter), the Secretary, Coalition of NGOs Associated with UN-DPI Ghana, Legal Adviser, Ghana Federation of the Disabled and Member, Poets of the World. 

Ayo is an ex-Legal Adviser, Ghana Association of Writers, Member, Mbassem Women Writers Forum and Fida. 

She has attended various local, national and international workshops and seminars on creative writing and presentation. She has presented papers at various conferences on intellectual property law, Business Law & Commercial Law & Practice, etc.

Ayo has over fifteen years of legal practice in reputable law firms and over thirteen years as a lecturer in Business Law, Commercial Law and Practice, Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, Principles of Law, etc.

Ayo Ayoola-Amale is the CEO of Heritage & On the Pathway Series- Every Child’s fables, Poems, Nursery Rhymes and Plays. She was the CEO of Pearl-Allied Group of Companies.

She has performed, recited her poems at local, national, and international platforms, events/ functions, and festivals.

Ayo, as she is fondly called, has many international awards and honours. She is the Muse of Poetic Harmony in Africa, the GHA Ambassador of Harmony for Africa, the Universal Ambassador of Peace and the Ambassador of Love.

Ayo loves Humanity, Service, Poetry, Music, Horse-riding and plays Squash. 

Achimota, Accra.

TELEPHONE: +233249208848.





Odoh is a Nigerian writer, activist poet, journalist, public relations and advertising practitioner. He runs a unique communications company known as Isu Media Ltd, with a business plan that focuses on not-for-profit organisations. Isu Media works with nongovernmental organisations, donor agencies and intergovernmental organisations to improve their communications outreach. Currently, the managing director is working with UNICEF Nigeria.

Odoh,who was one of the founders of Kaduna Writers' League (KWL), has been involved in literary promotion for over two decades. Born into an artistic family, he co-edited Camouflage: Best of Contemporary Writing from Nigeria, an anthology of new Nigerian writers, which included works by the very renowned contemporary Nigerian writers such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Helon Habila and Toni Kan. His book of poems, intriguingly titled From a Poem to Its Creator, was released in March 2009 by Hybun Publications International to high critical acclaim.The poetry collection From a Poem to Its Creator was shortlisted for the US$50,000 The Nigeria Prize for Literature in 2009, the year in which the sponsors, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited, did not award it.

"Okenyodo's poetic exploration can be described as eclectic as he uses poetry to make social comments, admonish and define poetry itself," a critic says of the collection. Another says: "Going through Okenyodo’s poetry, you are knocked into place."

He was elected National Publicity Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) in November 2003, serving till November 2007. Odoh was part of the British Council/Lancaster University's Crossing Borders literary mentorship programme in 2005 and the InWent's Global Campus Measuring Democracy, Governance and Human Rights course in Namibia (2008). He has worked on freelance-writer basis for the BBC World Service Trust, ActionAid, Coalitions for Change, Centre for Democracy and Development, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, etc.

Okenyodo is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Abuja, and served in the publicity and public relations committee. In 2011, he was inducted as Associate of the Advertising Profession by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON).

In 2006, Odoh Diego Okenyodo had relocated from Kaduna to work with the Abuja-based Alliance for Credible Elections as Media Coordinator. From the alliance of civil society organisations, he got employed with the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) as a senior programme officer responsible for the organisation's communication.In January 2009, in search of private-sector experience, he moved to CMC Connect (Perception Managers) to head the marketing communication firm's public affairs office based in Abuja. He is now managing director of Isu Media Ltd, an Abuja-based public relations and copyediting firm.

Of late, Mr Okenyodo has been facilitating trainings to advocate forgreater application of social media in public relations and advertising. He has also facilitated trainings for journalists and nongovernmental organisations on the application of social media in the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act passed in 2011. Also as country director of Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, he is also currently concluding recording and mixing of an audio poetry collection of various Nigerian writers in a CD titled “Raising Our Voice”. 



Matthew Gmalifo Mabefam comes from Bolni, a village near Bimbilla in the Northern Region, Ghana. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work with Political Science and currently at the final stage of completing his thesis for the award of Master of Philosophy Degree in Social Work from the University of Ghana, Legon. He served as a Tutorial Assistant in the Department of Social Work, University of Ghana after his Bachelor’s Degree, and currently a Graduate Assistant at the same department.

Matthew has extensive experience with NGOs and Community Based Organizations in Ghana. During his four year undergraduate training, he volunteered his services during vacations for Grameen Ghana and came in contact with ActionAid Ghana, Freedom from Hunger and Songtaba, NGOs committed to ensuring food security, grass root participation in decision making, womens’ empowerment and education and sponsorship for children. Through this, he has had the chance to assist in running various programs of these organizations. He has worked with Change Initiators Progression International, a campus based group in the University of Ghana and finally he has volunteer experience with Maybel Network International (NGO) as a programme officer. Matthew has some field experience with the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana as well. 

He has also participated and presented research papers at two international conferences in 2012 held in Ghana. He participated in the 5th International School Social Work conference and co-presented a paper titled: Push out or drop out? Taking a critical look at the poor performance of students of the JSS/JHS programme in Ghana.He also participated  and co-presented a second paper at an International Conference organized by the University of Ghana Centre for Social Policy Studies titled: Hanging-in or re-engagement in productive economy": examining the effects of cash transfers on the "dangerously poor" in Ghana. He has researched on the topic: Assessment of Grameen Ghana’s Interventions on food security in Nanumba and currently he is researching on the topic: “our sisters too matter”: Examining the cultural practices that serve as barriers to girl-child education in Bolni in the Nanumba North District. His research interest lies in education, gender, culture, poverty and food security. Reading and researching are his hobbies.

Matthew is a member of the Institute of Social work, Ghana, a body of social work professionals aimed at regularizing and regulating the social work profession in order to professionalize the practice in Ghana. He is also a member of Global Harmony Association and a founding member of Bolni Students Union and Bolni Development Committee.

 Finally, he is a youth coach and motivational speaker and has delivered at several youth forums, workshops and seminars in Ghana. He loves working with children, the youth, women and the vulnerable in society.




Kofi Marrah holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Development Studies and has worked with the Integrated Social Development Centre and the World Bank. He also worked for a year as a journalist with Public Agenda, a development-oriented local newspaper. He has been writing since the mid-1980s when he authored numerous news commentaries on a wide variety of political and social topics for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. He also contributed articles and book reviews to the defunctWest Africa news magazine between the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. Other international newsmagazines which have published his articles include African Agendaand Business in Africa. His latest article appeared in the Daily Graphic in December 2010. He has also authored various poems most of which are unpublished. Mr. Marrah has had four of his poems published in the Daily Graphic in 2009.

He continues to write poetry and is currently working on his first novel. He is an avid reader and is committed to the promotion of a reading and writing culture among the youth of Africa.



Laura received her BA in Spanish literature from Montclair State University in 2002. She also holds an MA in Spanish literature and linguistics (2005) and a PhD in Latin American literature (2009) from Temple University. Her doctoral dissertation focused on social constructionist views of reality and their intersections with theories of sexuality and gender identity as seen in contemporary Mexican theater.

As a professor, Laura uses language and literature as vehicles for creating awareness and understanding of the spectrum of human experience and diversity. Her belief in the incomparable change producing powers of meaningful and quality education--a result of her own transformation as a student--has led her to work with those members of society that are typically denied access to higher education.

Laura is currently working at the Safe Horizon Street work Project in New York, where she advocates for homeless marginalized youth through education, counseling, and community outreach. Her areas of interest and research include feminist theory, sexuality and gender, cultural anthropology, Mexican culture and theater, reproductive rights and health, and food politics. She is presently pursuing a Master's in Global Public Health at New York University, where she is focusing on researching from a public health perspective gender and sexual-based violence.



Justo Bolekia Boleká (born in Santiago de Baney, Bioko [former island of Fernando Poo], Equatorial Guinea) is a Spanish citizen, known as a Scholar and Writer of Bubi descent.

He attended the Complutense University of Madrid obtaining a Doctorate degree in Modern Philology in 1986. On June 8, 2007, he also obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Salamanca, where he had their PhD Extraordinary Award. He was Visiting Scholar at the Nottingham TrentUniversity (United Kingdom, 1st semester of 1995-1996) and at the University of Ghana (2nd semester of 2011-2012).

He was an Acting Professor in French Studies at the University of Salamanca from 1987 until 1990, after which he became a Full Professor in French Studies at the same university. He has also served as Director (Dean) of the Escuela Universitaria de Educación y Turismo de Ávila (Faculty of Education and Tourism) from 2004 to 2008. He has published numerous books of essays and poetry.

His work has been studied by American, Canadian and other scholars interested in Afro-Hispanic literary production. 
He is a poet and has been invited several times for poetry performances, as it can be read as follow:    


  • Reading poetry from his book Löbëla (Madrid: Sial Ediciones, 1999) en el Aula de Poesía José Hierro led by Mr. José María Muñoz Quirós, under the sponsorship of the Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Ávila. Monday 22nd May 2006, at the Episcopio.
  • As a guest of the Cervantes Institute of Bucarest(Rumania) from the 23th to 27th March, 2009 for the reading of some of his poems (from his books «Ombligos y Raíces», 2006 [Navels and Roots] and «Las reposadas imágenes de antaño», 2008 [The Calm Images of the Past]) in Bucarest and Timisoara, in the company of Rumanian writers, Ana Blandiana, Denisa Comanescu, Nicolae Prelipceanu, Eugen Dorcescu, etc.
  • As a guest of the Cervantes Institute ofAlbuquerque (USA) on Friday, 1st May, 2009, in the Auditorium Wells Fargo of the National Hispanic Cultural Center of Albuquerque, with the participation of Cuban poet, Teresa Dovalpage, within the series “Poetic Burque”. 
  • As a guest in San Antonio (Texas/USA), on Thursday 30th March, 2009 in the Local Canaria-UTSA Downtown Campus, organized by the Cervantes  Institute of Albuquerque, la Casa de España at San Antonio, the Association of the Canary Islands’ Friends, the Autonomous University of Mexico in San Antonio, the Texas University in San Antonio (UTSA) and the American Association of Teachers  of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).
  • As a guest at the Spanish National Library for a poetry reading in La Noche de los Libros [The Night of the Books]. Festival Internacional de Cosmopoética. Ministerio de Cultura y Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid. Thursday, 23rd April, 2009.

  • Special guest at the “Brumario Poético” [Brumaire Poetic] of Pontevedra (Spain) by Fundación Cuña-Casasbellas on Friday 20th November, 2009. At the Teatro  Principal de Pontevedra (Galicia-España).
  • Reading poetry in Santa Fe (USA) on Saturday, 2nd May, 2009. See video on
  • Reading poetry in the «Primer Festival de la Diversidad Cultural» [First Festival of Cultural Diversity], organized by the Department of Family and Social Affairs of the Municipality of Pinto (Madrid) at the Teatro Municipal "Francisco Rabal." on Saturday December 17, 2011. 
  • Reading of his new poems from his future publication «Los callados anhelos de una vida» [The silent hopes of a life] in the Cervantes Institute of Milan (Italy), on 2nd May, 2012.
  • Etc.

He has also been included in literary and poetic anthologies such as:

  • Nueva antología de la literatura de Guinea Ecuatorial, de Mbare Ngom Faye y Gloria Nistal Rosique (Madrid: Sial Ediciones, 2011);
  • La voz y la escritura 2006: 80 nuevas propuestas poéticas, 2006;
  • FernandoSabido Sánchez (2011) Antología poesía universal: más de 530 poetas de 169 países (jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011). Poems included: “Origen estriado”, “Löbëla” y “La mirada de Martha”;
  • D. Ndongo-Bidyogo y Mbaré Ngom Faye (2000) Literatura de Guinea Ecuatorial (Antología). Madrid: Sial Ediciones/AECI; etc.,

and magazines like

  • Wasafiri  nº 31, Spring 2000 (African, Asian, Caribbean and Black British literatures. Department of English & Drama. Queen Mary and Westfield College. University of London) with the poem “The Last Lance” (La última lanza). ISSN: 0269-0055;
  • Extramuros nº 15-16. Revista Literaria. A–o IV, diciembre de 1999. Granada: Ediciones Unesco/Extramuros. Pág. 37 (Poems included: “Siervos Poseídos” and “Tiempos de Antaño”). ISSN: 1135-6235/ ISBN/Unesco: 92-3-303705-3;
  • Antena Misionera (revista). Números de diciembre 2001, enero y febrero de 2002 y junio-julio de 2002. Sección: Y la palabra se hizo pueblo. Poems included: “Llantos y risas”, “Aguas en bruma”, “El camino en verso” and “Antes que tú” (; c/ Pablo Aranda nº 18 (28006 MADRID);
  • Atanga nº 3 (magazine of the Centros Culturales de España en Bata y Malabo). Julio-Septiembre/2010. Editado por los CCEB/CCEM, 2011. Poem included: “El tiempo retirado”. Pág. 85., etc.

Miscellaneous Works


  • El aumento o actualizador definido en lengua bubi (en "Muntu, Revue scientifique et Culturelle", n.7, Gabón, 1987)
  • Panorama de la literatura en español en Guinea Ecuatorial (en Anuario del Instituto Cervantes, 2005)
  • La Realidad Literaria y Lingüística de Guinea Ecuatorial (en El Fingidor nº 19-20, mayo-diciembre de 2003, Revista de Cultura)
  • Literatura Francófona Africana (en Pueblos nº 2003, Revista de Información y Debate. ISSN: 1577-4376)
  • Rasgos esenciales de la poesía guineoecuatoriana, en Palabras 01, Revista online de la Cultura y de las Ideas/Fundación España-Guinea Ecuatorial. Noviembre de 2009. Págs. 43-60. Ver
  • Escritores guineoecuatorianos y diáspora en Afro-Hispanic Review. Volume 28, Number 2 (Fall 2009). Sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in Collaboration with the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center at Valderbilt University. Nashville, Tennessee (USA). ISSN: 0278-8969. Pages 411-417.
  • Etc.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Aspectos lingüísticos y sociolingüísticos del bubi del noreste (tesis doctoral, Editorial de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1988)
  • La enculturación bubi desde los préstamos del Pidgin-English. Procesos de lexicalización progresiva (Universidad de Salamanca, 2007)

Instructional Books

  • Curso de Lengua Bubi, (ISBN 84-7232-608-X Centro Cultural Hispano-Guineano, 1991)
  • Antroponimia bubi. Estudio Lingüístico (1994)
  • Narraciones bubis. Otra morfología del cuento africano (1994)
  • Breve diccionario bubi-castellano y castellano-bubi (1997)
  • Aprender el bubi. Método para principiantes (1999)
  • Lenguas y Poder en África (2001)
  • Aproximación a la historia de Guinea Ecuatorial (2003)
  • Cuentos bubis de la isla de Bioko (2003)
  • La Francofonía. El nuevo rostro del colonialismo en África (2005)
  • Poesía en lengua bubi (Antología y estudio) (2007)
  • Lingüística bantú a través del bubi (2008)
  • La Francofonía. El nuevo rostro del colonialismo en África. 2ª edición corregida y ampliada (2008)
  • Diccionario español-bubi/Ë ribúkku ra balláa béböbé-lëëpanná (2009)

Poetry Books

  • Löbëla (1999)
  • Ombligos y raíces. Poesía africana (2006)
  • Las reposadas imágenes de antaño (2008)

Collective Books

  • Lenguas para fines específicos IV. Investigación y enseñanza (1996)
  • Ciencia y memoria de África: actas de las III Jornadas sobre Expediciones científicas y africanismo español, 1898-1998 (2002)
  • La Recuperación de la Memoria. Creación cultural e identidad nacional en la literatura Hispano-negroafricana (2004)
  • La Voz y la Escritura. Antología 2006 (2006)
  • Etnias, Estado y Poder en África (2005)
  • De Boca en Boca. Estudios de Literatura Oral de Guinea Ecuatorial (2004)
  • De Promisión (2007)
  • El Futuro de las Lenguas. Diversidad frente a Uniformidad (2008)
  • Un mundo de relatos. Antología (2009)
  • Caminos y veredas: narrativas de Guinea Ecuatorial (2011)
  • Etc.





Studied journalism at Rhodes University and got a diploma in Theatre from the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris. She worked with Theatre for Africa, did Theatresports and a number of street theatre projects and some television before studying scriptwriting at Wits University. She wrote scripts for TV series like Soul City, Soul Buddies, Tsha Tsha, Thetha Msawawa, Takalani Sesame and SABC education and Backstage for eight years and in 2005, won a mentorship with English poet John Lindley through the British Council/Lancaster University’s distance learning scheme Crossing Borders.

She wrote Where the children live (a two-hander play) which came second in the best writer category and won the audience award at the National Festival of Play Readings. She published her first collection of poetry Taller than buildings (2006), which was followed by Original Skin (2008), a one-woman play based on her life story.
She performed at Havana International Festival of Poetry, Poetry Africa and Word Power Festival of Black Literature in London (2007), The Voorkamerfestival in Darling in Western Cape. She attended the Solidarity Festival in Sweden, Jozi Spoken Word Festival (2008) and performed at the Passaporta Festival in Brussels, Belgium as well as the Northern Cape Writers Festival in Kimberley, Berlin International Poesie Festival (2009) and the Beyond Words Tour of the UK later the same year.
She has continued to perform in SA and abroad, in 2010 Harare International Festival of the Arts, Worldwide words festival in Denmark and China. She contributed to the anthology of South African birth stories, Just Keep Breathing, published by Jacana with her story A thousand births (2008) and won the Writing Beyond the Fringe/de Buren competition with her short story The day that Jesus dropped the ball (2009).

In 2010 she released her second collection, The everyday wife and co-edited No serenity here, an anthology of African poetry translated into Mandarin. She was editor of the South African contribution to A megaphone, a journal initiated and edited by Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young out of Mills College. Her work is in anthologies and journals from Poui to Edinburgh Review, and the online journals The Canopic Jar, Shine and Incwadi. Her poem Consider the birds appears in the Umuzi anthology Letter to South Africa: Poets call the state to order (2011). She is working on a very long memoir/poem which has been optioned by a documentary film producer and performing poetry and engaging with other transracial adoptees in South Africa.




Samar is the CEO of Pearly White Dental Clinic, Egypt. She holds a Master Degree, Cosmetic Dentistry from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Dentistry. She is a Poet and Dental Surgeon.



Karin holds a BA Degree in BA, Library Exam. Currently, she works as Librarian at Rinkeby library, Stockholm and consultant for Swedish School Agency. Karin runs a private company NDIO, an intercultural communication.