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Poems for UN international day of peace. Sept 21. By Poet Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy. D.Lit.


By the merits of great good fortune
A human birth are we bestowed upon;
Like jewels in the crown of kingdom of love
Let our god-gifted discriminate power glow.

The nectar of love, the essence of peace
In fact are life's eternal co-existence sources
Both dwell within, yes, within all of us
To savor life's precious and lasting bliss.

Lured by ever-luring worldly entanglements
We break the citadels of right conduct; 
Clasping thorns of selfishness and riches
We assume them as fresh blooming roses.

Transient and destructible is what 'life' is
Yet, forfeiting true joy we run after mirages;
Discovered truth, we fling at vultures of desires
Preferring to survive on illusions and fantasies.

But, fulfillment of human birth as a precious one
If searched, is found in love and devotion; 
Why should we invite the tormenting fissures?
Which push life betwixt the birth-death sphere.

When the waves of true love and emotion surge
Perfect happiness and contentment would resurge,
By helping the starving and serving the needful
One is bound to reach the refuge of joy-eternal.

May the hopes of dejection fade away
Wiping away all fears and hatred;
Sowing the seeds of love and faith
With concern and delight let us tread,
Tread the righteous and moral path
That unites and lead us to peace.

May the bond of love and concern
Towards co-humans remain forever,
And, let the pollution of hatred
Get totally ousted and destroyed.
And a solid eternal foundation
For a human-bond is laid forever.

May the lives of the down-trodden
Get uplifted by humane efforts,
May the uncertain lives of orphans
See a ray of hope and affection.
Let a glorious and spectacular future
Welcome them with open arms.

May this transient earthly life of ours,
By the positive thoughts of peace
Get purified inwardly and outwardly
And sow a spirit to valiantly resist
The ill-intended moves of betrayers
Who often play havoc with human lives!