Are you a poet and are you interested in working for Humanity?

If YES, Please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Mr Ali Okine.
While being a Volunteer of Splendors of Dawn PF are certainly the most visible volunteer opportunities within a community and in Africa? To become a poet with us, Click hereand to fill the Poet application form.

Are you ready for an INTERNSHIP like no other?

Splendors of Dawn PF Volunteer interns play a vital role in our "We Grow on Books" & "Read Africa" project. This project is the hallmark of our internship program. Our interns work alongside professional & experienced staff to gain unparalleled experience in Social work & Service to others as they contribute their talents and energies to a worthy purpose. The benefits are huge:

    • A learning experience.
    • The prospect of a job offer is higher.
    • A "job” to be proud of! So join our exciting volunteer work and touch lives.

Take a look at our internship opportunities and let us know how you can support our work. To become an Intern/Volunteer with us, Click here and to fill the Intern/Volunteer application form.
Thank you for your interest.
Contact Us Today: 

E-mail: projects@splendorsofdawnpf.org
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