Our Objectives


  • Use poetry to accelerate positive social change.
  • Strengthen the presence and profile of African Poetry within Africa and overseas.
  • Use the power of poetry to bring together artists around the world, to advance human rights and respect for the fundamental human rights of all persons, to promote democracy and excellence in leadership and workplace, to promote cross-cultural understanding, and love for humanity and world peace.
  • Use poets and poetry in educational, healthcare, community, democracy support projects.
  • Promote Poetry reading and writing associated with African Poetry in all its forms.
  • Advance the writing of Poetry and the better understanding and appreciation of Poetry in schools and universities by championing and developing artistic experiences that enrich people lives.
  • Establish networks and links between writers, readers, publishers and poetry related organizations in Africa and overseas; build network of mutual help and thus promote communication among poets.
  • Committed to a vigorous presence for Poetry in Africa by making poetry more accessible.
  • To encourage and develop opportunities for poets and contemporary poetry in Africa.
  • To act as the central contact for anything to do with poetry in Africa and the preservation of poetry in Africa.
  • Develop and provide products and services  such as :
  • A national journal of high quality poetry, articles and reviews, African History through poems, Anthology of African Poetry, African Poetry magazine etc.
  • A comprehensive library of African Poetry.
  • Facilitating specifically geared to the spoken word workshop sessions and seminars.
  • Organize poetry competition activities to foster deep cultural interaction and education.
  • Develop educational and promotional materials.
  • Africa’s first interactive performance forum projecting cutting-edge spoken-word, and a broad spectrum of classical and contemporary poetry, new media, and live beats from an African perspective worldwide.
  • Support for reading tours, international events and festivals for African Poets.