Our Logo

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    1. The Map of Africa:

The Foundation is for Africa, and is to spread over Africa in splendor being a
Part of an African cultural and intellectual renaissance.
To promote traditional and contemporary African poetry and
To celebrate poets in Africa.

    1. The Sun: 

The sunrays contain all the colors of a rainbow. The powerful, invigorating positive energy is symbolic, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation being a team of passionate poets for positive change.

  1. Color Green:

The healing color and splendor of nature. The bliss of growth!

Significance of Logo 
Splendors of Dawn is a whisper from eternity, the sacred energy of divine light and true beauty. It represents NEW LIGHT, the power of light and hope. This Logo reminds us that we are LIGHT BEING and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. So, make the Light in you sparkle. Let the bright rays of Light shoot out from within to illuminate Africa, to heal Africa. To illuminate the World, to heal the World!
Welcome the sun! Welcome Sunrise’s grandeur! 
The motto of the foundation is, “Poets for positive change”