Welcome to Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation

I truly hope you enjoy your visit here.

The mission of our organization has always been geared towards profitable growth for humanity and our communities through service to others, and a sense of community.

At Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, we place a lot of value on helping other people. We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each individual, hence our strong desire to improve lives, and communities by volunteering for good causes.

A Foundation blessed with one team, full of ALTRUISM and ENTHUSIASM!

A team focused on helping people "live the best life they can" through the efficient execution of our laudable projects.

Reflecting on our long standing commitment to continuous improvement of the human condition, to learning and the championing of holistic education that enrich the mind, of which poetry is so vital.

At SDPF we work on purpose and take our mission very seriously.

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Best Regards!
Ayo Ayoola-Amale.

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